In October 2008, ADDHU organized the 1st International Conference: “Civic Responsibility and Human Rights: the Pillars of Democracy in an Interdependent World”, at the Lusíada University in Lisbon. Several speakers from different fields, such as Jacques Duvall, Maria Barroso and Sondra Myers participated in this conference, which counted with an assistance of more than 400 people.




  • Meeting on Female Genital Mutilation at the Camoes Institute on February 6th.
  • Seminar on Burma, Myanmar, at the Café 100 Artes, in Lisbon, on March 6th
  • Participation in a session of the Assembly on Women’s Rights on April 9th
  • Seminar at the Universidade Nova of Lisbon on “Invisible Children”, on September 17th 


  • Participation in the World Health Day Commemoration at the Assembly, on March 15th
  • Participation in the last session of the Conference cycle “Get involved and Develop”, organized by the Association for Multicultural Dialogue, on the Refugee crisis to commemorate Human Rights Day, on December 10th