On the 19 of October 2011, the 1st Human Rights Observatory was inaugurated in the Reynaldo dos Santos High School of Vila Franca de Xira, in the area of Lisbon. This project is integrated in our education for human rights and global citizenship program called Citizens of the World.


During the next school year, the students are going to research, investigate and report cases of human rights violations both at international and national levels. In a first phase, the students will receive training from ADDHU’s staff in order to familiarize themselves with the methods and instruments to investigate and report cases of human rights violations. The objective of this program is to develop a spirit of greater acceptance and tolerance, of solidarity, cooperation and respect towards the differences and human dignity, and to create future change producing agents, active, informed and participating citizens in the fight against discrimination, intolerance and social injustice.

ADDHU would like to thank Accenture for the support given to this program and for believing in the importance of these education projects for the future of the Portuguese society.