During the month of June 2010, ADDHU’s president and founder, Laura Vasconcellos, travelled to the region fo Chitwan in Nepal, in order to proceed with the execution of its development projects, as well as evalute and restructure ADDHU’s International Volunteering Program in Nepal (Namasté Program).

Upon her arrival, Laura met with the volunteers Joana and Ângela, who had been working with the community for two months, and whose volunteering mission in this remote rural area was coming to an end. Laura congratulated them for the work they did at the school and especially for their courage and strenght to endure such difficult climate conditions, as well as the cultural differences and the isolation, in the name of humanitarian aid and development cooperation. ADDHU is grateful and would like to thank Angela and Joana for their commitment to the community.

ADDHU established a partnership with the Shree Lower Secondary School, the Setidevi Community Forest, the small local NGO AHEAD Nepal and the Village Committee, in order to reevaluate and improve the support given to the most needy members of the community, as well as the support given by the members of the village to the volunteers.

With the donations made by the volunteers, ADDHU was able to initiate the construction of a new house for a very poor family composed by a mother, who is a widow, and her two children. Laura Vasconcellos visited the family with the contractor responsible for the construction works which will be starting in October 2010.

ADDHU would like to thank all the volunteers who participated in the program since its beginning in August 2009, to Gisela, Patrícia and Filipa, to Jorge and Mónica, to Ana Patrícia, Milena and Daniela, to Ângela and Joana, to Ricardo, Joana and Raquel, and especially to João Travassos, who went for an one month mission and stayed for six, having left a very positive print in the village through the work he developed in the village school. He was a perfect example of integration in a culture which is so diferent and so distant from ours, in a remote and isolated area where the adaptation conditions can be quite challenging. The community of the village of Sharampur and the Sheer School have elected João Travassos the Volunteer of the Year. Congratulations!

The departure of 7 other volunteers is scheduled for the months of October and November 2010. We hope to have many more volunteers since the benefits they bring are many, with a significant impact in the erradication of poverty through the construction of houses with decent conditions for a family to live in.


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