ADDHU has given the first steps in a new project, which we intend to fully implement during the year of 2013: the project Viver Sénior.




This project, which is still in its initial stage, aims to improve the living conditions of senior citizens, namely in the northern region of the country, through the development and implementation of several cultural, artistic and sports activities adapted to the age of the beneficiaries, in order to make them feel appreciated and to add value to their social role in the society, their knowledge, experiences and life skills. 

The project is now in its diagnosis stage, which is being conducted in partnership with the Centro Social Paroquial de São Jorge de Arroios in Lisbon, where the first activities are scheduled to take place. ADDHU intends to promote the activities of the project with the beneficiaries of that social centre, while involving, if possible, young volunteers from the schools who participate in the Citizens of the World program. We also intend to visit the beneficiaries of the Centre on a regular basis, in order to reduce the feeling of loneliness that often affects them in a very negative manner, as well as to discuss with them the reasons why they don’t participate in the activities the Centre already offers.