The lives of 11 million people – most of them children – are at risk in East Africa. The worst drought in more than 60 years is threatening lives not only in Somalia, but also in Kenya and Uganda, and the situation is growing more dire every day. The UN has described this crisis as one of the worst humanitarian crisis mankind has ever seen and the state of famine has already been declared in more than 3 regions of Somalia.

The refugee camps in the Northern part of Kenya have been receiving an average of 1000 refugees per day. Most of these refugees are women and children coming from Somalia, desperately trying to escape war and hunger. As camps such as Dadaab are overcrowded, many refugees continue their dangerous and painful journey to the slums of Nairobi’s suburbs.

Although the drought has mostly hit the northern part of the country, this crisis is having severe consequences in the extremely poor populations of Nairobi’s slums.


In August, the UN Humanitarian Affairs Office recognized that the situation in the slums was getting worse every day. The food crisis that is devastating lives and killing children throughout the Horn of Africa is not restricted to the arid lands where media attention and donor dollars are now focused. In informal urban settlements, malnutrition is affecting thousands of children but remains largely overlooked.

This is where ADDHU is focusing its efforts to respond to the food crisis that is threatening the lives of so many… This is where we make a difference, where no one else does…

ADDHU has been working in Nairobi’s slums for over 4 years, namely in the KituiNdogo – Majengo slums (100,000 habitants) and the Soweto slums (400,000 habitants). In order to effectively assist the most affected families, we have a team working on the field with our local partners and we have been implementing several food aid programs. We are currently conduction regular food distributions and we have implemented a school feeding program under which around 700 children receive a meal in school everyday. On August 15 2011, we distributed about 1 ton of rice, beans and wheat flour in the Soweto slums, and on the 23 of August, we distributed another ton of rice and beans in the KituiNdogo – Majengo slums. The next distribution is scheduled for the 3rd of September in the Soweto slums.


How can I make a difference?

1. By calling our solidarity phone number – 760 300 130 (0,60 Euros + VAT). For every call you make, you will be donating a meal to a child affected by the crisis in the slums (available only in Portugal).

2. By giving a special Gift of Hope – Emergency in the Horn of Africa.
With 65 Euros / 70 USD, you can buy a sack of 90 kg of rice, beans or flour and help us to reach more affected families by making more regular food distributions in the slums.
Gather your friends and family and join us in our fight against hunger by giving an Emergency Gift of Hope. 


3. Make a donation.
As little as they are, your donations will make a huge difference in this moment of crisis!

4. Feed a child!
A monthly contribution of 30 Euros / 35 USD will allow us reach more needy children in the Soweto slums with our School Feeding Program. Give a child one meal per day for less than 1 Euro per day!

For more information, please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

More than ever, we need your support to ensure the survival of families and children affected by the worst humanitarian crisis of this century. More than ever, your solidarity and generosity is making all the difference in the lives of so many people that are now facing the nightmare of hunger and starvation! And, more then ever, we are counting on you to stand by to help these families and communities in this moment of great need!

Thank you for believing that it is possible to make a difference!

ADDHU’s solidarity phone number
760 300 130 (0,60 Euros + VAT)
For every call you make, you will be donating a meal to a child affected by the crisis in the slums through our School Feeding Program.

ADDHU’s bank account information for donations
Bank: Millenium BCP
NIB: 0033 0000 45392959245 05
IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 45392959245 05