The Citizens of the World program continues to be a success and its impacts impressive! ADDHU has now partnered with the Lycée Français Charles Lepierre, in Lisbon, and was able to to conduct the 8 sessions defined in the program between October 11 and November, and therefore to implemented the entire program for the first time.


Among the activities that took place, the one the students appreciated the most was the photography related session, during which they spent a day with ADDHU’s team in Lisbon’s downtown area, taking photos which could be related to Human Rights issues such as social exclusion, racism, etc.

Also, the Professor Reynaldo dos Santos Secondary School, a partner of ADDHU in the Citizens of the World program since 2010, has staged and presented a theatrical play nammed “Caminhos Cruzados”, which aimed, under the coordination and supervision of ADDHU, to raise awareness upon Human Rights issues as well as raise funds for the children of Nairobi’s slums in Kenya.