The Gifts of Hope Program was launched with success during the months of November and December, with the distribution of the first Gifts in Kenya and Nepal.


In Nepal, we distributed 1 Agriculture Kit (tools, seeds and fertilizer), 2 goats, 3 roosters and 9 hens and 2 school kits (bag, notebooks and textbooks) to several needy families of the village of Sharampur in Chitwan. The community is now planning to create a community farm with the Gifts of Hope they receive and which will benefit more than 16 families.

In Kenya, we also distributed several Gifts of Hope: 2 cows, 1 school kit, 8 personal hygiene kits, 7 oral hygiene kits, more than 5 birth certificates, 7 mosquito nets, 12 sanitary pads kits (each one composed of 12 packs of sanitary pads), 1 box of vitamins for children, 1 school uniform, school fees for 4 children during one year, 7 vaccines against typhoid fever and Hepatitis B, more than 180 liters of milk, etc. The Gifts were given to the children of the Wanalea Children’s Home, as well as the children of the Kitui Ndogo and Soweto slums, and the teenage mothers of the rural area of Kisii. The Kitutu Community in Kisii is also starting a small cooperative to manage the Gifts such as cows and goats, so that the whole community can benefit from them.

The Gifts of Hope were created to answer to the real needs of their beneficiaries, and especially to promote a lasting and meaningful development in their communities. The Gifts we distributed will not only solve more immediate problems and challenges these communities face, such as lack of school supplies, of birth certificates which ensure the children have access to their most basic rights or mosquito nets to protect the families from deadly Malaria, but they will also promote the sustainable development of these communities, by attacking poverty at its roots. Gifts such as cows, goats or hens are not only a source of nourishment and nutrition, they are also a source of income, and they can have a powerful impact which results in a real improvement of the living conditions of communities most in need.

Therefore, we invite you to participate in the Gifts of Hope Program, by giving hope to those in need. When you give a Gift of Hope, you are changing lives forever! Your Gift will be felt long after you give it!

Thank you for your support!

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