On March 2010, we rescued another little orphaned girl from poverty and abandon, by sheltering her in our Wanalea Children’s Home. Her name is Hilda, she is only 4 years old and she comes from the rural area of Kisii, where she was living with a “grandmother” who asked for ADDHU’s support and assistance, as she wasn’t able to ensure the basic needs of the child. Hilda is an orphan: both her parents died from HIV related complications, but Hilda isn’t HIV+. In the Wanalea Children’s Home, little Hilda was reunited with her sister Dolivine, who is 8 years old and has been living in the Centre since August 2009.

By sheltering Hilda in our Centre for Orphans, we were also able to save her for the Female Genital Mutilation, a cruel ritual to which she would have been submitted had she stayed in her village in Kisii, a region where it is estimated that more than 90% of girls and teenagers are affected by this practice, which is a serious violation of their most basic rights.

Hilda was very well welcomed by the other children of the Centre and she quickly blended in and became part of this beautiful family. The reunion with her sister Dolivine was quite emotional and they where so happy to see each other and to be together once more! Hilda is a beautiful child, healthy and full of energy and life!

The Centre is now a loving home to 25 children, who found love, hope, safety and a real family. We are forever grateful to all those who contribute to this project and who help us save lives every day!