The Portuguese Language and Culture Learning Program was launched in July 2011, by the volunteers and teachers Mariana Pereira and Romana Santos.

The program’s objective is to teach primary and secondary students Portuguese language, as well as the History and Culture of Portugal.

We believe that the knowledge of Portuguese can become an important tool for these young Kenyans, increasing their employment opportunities and allowing them to break free from poverty. With the emergence of countries in Africa and Latin America where Portuguese is the 1st language, such as Angola or Brazil, learning Portuguese can open a lot of doors and can mean a brighter future for the youths of Kenya’s urban slums!


The classes take place every Tuesday and Thursday in the Maximum Impact and Cityshine schools, located in the Kayole-Soweto area. In this moment, we have 4 classes of 25 students each, two being from the primary school and the others from secondary school.

The students have shown a lot of interest for this program, and are very committed to learning Portuguese language and culture!