On June 2nd 2010, the president of ADDHU, Laura Vasconcellos, presented our fieldwork to the students of Castelo da Maia Secondary School, and talked about the violation of human rights in Burma and Kenya, raising special interest among the students on the issue of Female Genital Mutilation, as well as other issues such as tolerance and respect for the Other, integrating cultural differences, tribal issues in Kenya and gender equality.

Two classes were present, one from the 11th and another from 12th grade from the economy field, in a total of 45 students. The 12th grade class presented an interesting work about Human Rights. After projecting several videos and presentations by ADDHU, a rich debate ensued where the students spoke about the previously presented problems. ADDHU also presented ways to help, showing the students how to participate in the organization’s projects.

Finally, with the help of teacher Gorete, a symbolic action took place in name of Human Rights, in which the students imprinted their hands with paint on a white board saying “Give your hands for Human Rights”: in the end, everyone held hands for one minute, celebrating our union around this cause.

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