Laura Vasconcellos, the Founder and President of ADDHU, and Carolina Vasconcellos, the Project Manager, travelled to Kenya on the 15th of July, where they stayed until the 29th of August in order to visit the children of the Wanalea Children’s Home, and to continue the implementation of its development and humanitarian projects in this country, namely in the Kitui Nodgo slum located in Nairobi, and in the rural area of Kisii.

With the help of the volunteers that participated in the International Volunteering Program this year, we did some important renovation works that allowed us to significantly improve the conditions in the Centre. We completed the construction of a structure, which is now supporting a 2,000 l water tank, so that our children never run out of water. This allowed us to overcome the frequent water supply cuts from the main system, which can sometimes last for 2 or 3 days. We renovated the boys’ toilet; we rebuilt the exterior latrines and we built a new bathroom for the older girls; we painted the interior of the house with warm and bright colors; we fixed the living room floor, we improved the kitchen, as well as some other minor renovations.
With the funds raised by the students of Rio Maior High School, we bought the four beds that we needed, so each child has its own bed. Now, each child has a proper and comfortable bed, with blankets, pillows and clean sheets! They were all so happy and excited!

With the support of the Foster Mother of Winnie, Sara, and her friends, we were able to buy Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets, as recommended by the World Health Organization in the fight against Malaria, for each bed in the Centre. Our children can now enjoy comfortable and safe nights, protected from this terrible disease that kills more than half a million children each year in Kenya.

During the time we spent with the children of the Wanalea Children’s Home, it was grateful to see how well they are doing, how healthy and especially how happy they are! The school results were good, and some children have really performed well, and shown exceptional learning capacities. They are all very motivated and eager to learn. On the 28th of July, the children started their 2nd term vacations and several activities were organized for them, with the help of the volunteers that were on mission at the Centre. The days at the Centre were spent with much joy and enthusiasm, and the children had fun doing arts and crafts, planting flowers and vegetables, playing games in the garden, going to the movies and organizing civic education activities. 

The volunteer Ana Sofia Daniel, to whom we thank for her generosity and dedication to the children’s cause, invited all the children and staff of the Wanalea Children’s Home to have lunch in a restaurant, and to spend an afternoon together as a real family! The children also went on a field trip to the Lake Naivasha National Park, which was kindly sponsored by the volunteer Rita Alves. 

We also organized a barbecue to commemorate the first visit of another member of ADDHU’s Board of Directors, Mr. Thomaz Vasconcellos. All the ingredients of a classic barbecue were present: the hamburgers and the fries, and of course, a lot of ketchup and soda! After having lunch, we spent the afternoon singing and dancing in the garden. 

Our Project Manager, Carolina Vasconcellos, celebrated her birthday with the children of the Centre, organizing a party for them. The children sang, danced, played and ate during the whole afternoon! They were so happy and excited, and having so much fun, that it was hard to put them all to sleep. “Their happiness was the best birthday present I ever received”, said Carolina, who was very touched...

Once more, we received the support of Centrum, who donated 25 packages of children’s vitamins (Centrum Júnior) to the children of the Wanalea Children’s Home, thus allowing the children to undertake their annual vitamin treatment, which has been of a vital importance to ensure the health of these children whose nutritional status was quite deficient before being rescued from he streets by ADDHU. The children are also currently taking vitamin C supplements, kindly donated by a Portuguese pharmaceutical company.

We are proud and happy to inform you that, on the 6th of September, more than half of the children of the Centre started to receive education in a private formal school outside the Centre, in what is the beginning of a new, and important, stage of their lives.

Our goal is to give the best Education to these children, so they can grow with solid values, and not just health, food and learning how to read and write. We hope that one day, they will become active members within their communities, promoting change and contributing to development of their own country, and to a better, and more just society. 

We are aiming to enroll the remaining children in January 2011, when the new school year starts in Kenya, which is still depending in the funds we will be able to raise until then.

If you want to sponsor the school fees of the children of the Wanalea Children’s Home (we still need to enroll the remaining ones in the private school), please send us an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at the following number: (+351) 962 904 738. 

We would like to announce that, after two years of burocracy and delays, the Kenyan Givernment has finally recognized the Centre as an official Charitable Children’s Institution (CCI) due to the high standards we have been establisinh and implementing in the Wanalea Children’s Home. 

During the time we spent in Kenya, we also visited the Kitui Ndogo slum in Nairobi, where we met with the 7 children supported by ADDHU through the Wanalea Foster Parents Program, as well as their families. They are doing well and have been improving their academic performance. We had the chance to meet the families of these children, who thanked us for the difference we had made in their lives. It is, indeed, quite remarkable the improvement of the living conditions of these children. We also distributed milk to 30 children of the Kitui Village Nursery School, managed by our local partners from the Foundation for Orphaned Children, as well as school bags. 

There are many other children in the Kitui Ndogo slum who need urgent support. In the Wanalea Children’s Home, there are also some children who are in need of Foster Parents, so they can be enrolled in a formal school, and in order to ensure the sustainability of the Centre, giving the best to these 25 children who are under our responsibility and to whom we are fully commited. For more informations about the Wanalea Foster Parents Program, and about how you can help, please send usa n email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us to the following number: (+351) 962 904 738.


With your help - Foster Parents, Volunteers, Sponsors and Supporters - we have been able to give much more than food, education or health to these children, we have been able to give them a family, love and care, hope and DREAMS! Thank you for helping us to make all this possible!

With your support, we have saved more than 25 lives. We are counting on you to save many more!

Thank you! Asante Sana!

  • ADDHU in Kenya August 2010ADDHU in Kenya August 2010