The Nakuru National park is one of the most emblematic and beautiful natural parks of Kenya. The objective of this field trip was to show the children the natural beauty and cultural richness of their native land. We left Nairobi very early in the morning, since it is a quite long journey and we wanted to enjoy the day at the park.

We arrived at Nakuru at lunchtime, where a real feast, kindly prepared by our friend Susan, was waiting for us. We had lunch in the park, and it wouldn’t have been the same without the company of our friends, the monkeys, who didn’t hesitate in helping themselves of Susan’s delicious chapatti. After lunch, we visited the park. It was like a safari and the children were very happy and excited. We saw many animals like zebras, giraffes, rinos and buffalos. It was really amazing! The children were fascinated, gazing their eyes at the animals as if they were some magical creatures from a fairy tale. At the end of the afternoon, we had a little snack while enjoying the beautiful African sunset and we went back to Nairobi, where we arrived at dinner time. The next day, all the children wrote a composition about their memorable trip to Nakuru. This will certainly be a day to remember.

  • Visita ao Parque Nacional de NakuruVisita ao Parque Nacional de Nakuru