Laura Vasconcellos, Founder and President of the organization, and Carolina Vasconcellos, the Project Manager, travelled to Kenya on November 11th, where they stayed for one month in order to visit the children of the ADDHU/CYCA Centre for Orphans, and to continue the implementation of its development and humanitarian projects in this country.

During our daily visits to the Centre, we verified that all the children are healthy and doing very well. All of them got excellent results in their school exams. We have implemented a weekly menu, as required by the Kenyan government, and we did some training with the staff and the children regarding nutrition, health, hygiene and safety procedures. We have also done some renovation and improvement works in the Centre, in order to give the boys and the older girls new rooms, to prepare the staff’s quarters to receive the Portuguese interns, and also to fix and improve the water distribution system of the house. We bought some new beds, mattresses, pillows and bed sheets, and also some shower towels. We have also finished the construction of a swing, kindly offered by the volunteers Rita Marques and Laura Gonzalez.

We also visited the Kitui Ndogo slum, where we have a partnership with a local NGO called Foundation for Orphaned Children, which supports the children from this slum with the help of ADDHU’s foster parents program. We were happy to see that the children are doing very well and that their living conditions have considerably improved with the program. They are happy, healthy and having good results in school.

Finally, we met and interviewed some of the teenage mothers that we have already selected for our support program. This allowed us to gather some important information for the implementation and development of the program, and also to make a small video documentary about the situation of these young girls.

  • ADDHU in Kenya Nov - Dec 2009ADDHU in Kenya Nov - Dec 2009